Vertical Lift Modules

Fully-Automated Vertical Lift Modules Manufacturer

At Savi Automation, you can find a range of vertical lift modules, designed to maximum storage capacity in a minimal footprint and save operations up to 85% floor space. We are leading vertical lift modules manufacturer. Equipped with pick-to- light technology, our vertical lift modules are designed to provide higher levels of productivity, flexibility and high density material handling solutions as well as increasing productivity through "goods to person" delivery.

The storage systems manufactured by our experts are ideal options for managing different part sizes and can create a fully automated process.

Key Features
  • Compact designs and Easy to operate
  • Tray height optimization
  • Delivers items to operators
  • Secure product storage with locking door
  • Password-protected and transaction tracking
  • Automatically finds the right location for height
  • Fast delivery of common items
  • Perfect for point of storage to free up floor space

As a leading vertical lift module manufacturer, we manufacture high-quality storage systems that can save up to 85% of floor space where compared to traditional storage methods. You can store different part sizes and lets you have a lockable secured storage environment for inventory.

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